In my opinion, I think ??? 


In my opinion,
就是 I think, 所以不可在同個句子陳述啦~


如果你的口說第一題回答In my opinion, I think .... 

第二題又再來一次,In my opinion, I think .... 




由於同學受中文影響,很容易在情急時講出In my opinion, I think 這樣的句子。但,這樣的英文表達是完全文法錯誤。


I believe that…

I assume that…

In my opinion/ point of view…
我認為 〔我的看法是…〕

It is my belief/view/opinion that…

As I see it…

As far as I can tell…


Personally, I believe/ I think…

When it comes to the problem/ issue, I would/ I
believe/ Sth should… 



2018/07 /07
托福口說真題- Q1

Your government is going to invest in the following three fields. Which one do
you think is the most worthwhile? Why?

1. land exploration;

2. education; or

3. healthcare

Use specific details and examples to support your answer.

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When it comes
to this issue, I believe that the government should spend the funding on
education. This is because cultivating children to be competitive is very
important to a country’s development. For ex.

2018/07 /07 托福口說真題範文-Q2

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Parents should discourage children from choosing fields of study that might be
too competitive for them to find a job in the future, like sports or

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Personally, I
disagree with the statement because parents should help their children to
intrigue their interests and become competitive for their future. For ex.

2018/07/01 托福口說真題- Q1

If a museum has received a sum of money and is planning to create a new area,
which of the following choices do you think children will be most fond of?

1. Robot technology;

2. Deep-sea marine life; or

3. The solar system

Use reasons and examples in your response.

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When it comes
to this issue, I believe that a museum should put the money on the Robot
technology. This is because it influences our daily life a lot and boys love
machine learning as well. For ex.

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