Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Watching movies at home is more fun than seeing movies in a cinema? 
我的思考邏輯很簡單。假設我選擇at home那我就會想甚麼是在家看電影可以做,但去電影院看電影無法做的
這題目簡單,重點關鍵字FUN圈起來,然後論證的選擇就是 at home or in a cinema. 
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1.Inviting friends to come to my home and enjoying movies together is more fun because we could eat snacks and watch movies together.
2.Watching movies at home is more fun because I can express my emotions freely.In fact, I can laugh loudly or have tears in my eyes without worrying about disturbing others. 

Some people prefer to play team sports while others prefer to play individual sports. Which one do you prefer? Why?
這題目簡單,重點關鍵字Prefer圈起來,然後論證的選擇就team sports or individual sports.
我的思考邏輯很簡單,假設我選擇team sports, 那我就會想什麼是team sports有,但individual sports沒有的
自然我想到的就是”跟很多人一起”會有甚麼? 培養溝通技能?比較多交朋友的機會?比較有人鼓勵?
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    1.Engaging in team sports enables people to improve the communication skills with other people.
    2.Participating in team sports helps people boost their confidence. In fact, most group members gain their confidence from recognitions and encouragements of the team members.

Is it necessary for high school students to do household work after school to help build their sense of responsibility?
1.is it necessary??
2.對象high school students
3.論述點to do housework in order to build responsibility
所以,重點在論述高中生做家事是否可訓練責任感。也就是做家事vs 責任感??
我就想到,做家事就是幫家人做,就是show 出來自己是家裡的一份子,也想要貢獻一己之力,就想到第一個論點make contribution to my family.
然後又想到另一個關鍵字responsibility. 我就想怎麼樣叫做負責任? 或者怎麼做才是負責任? 或者從對象這裡來發想,高中生做甚麼叫做負責任?
Doing household chores is as important as doing schoolwork. => to train the sense of responsibility.
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    1.Making contribution to a family is a responsible act and doing household chores is a way to contribute to one’s family.
    2.Doing schoolwork is considered a responsible student; and doing household chores is also an effective way to train high school students’ sense of responsibility. This is because both are equally important to a high school student.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Sometimes we are assigned to work in a group on a project.
The group will be helped more by a person who will be willing to do what other group members want than by a person who often strongly insists that things should be done in a way that is different from what the group wants to do.
這個題目一開始好長唷! 第一眼實在是非。常。不。友。善。
The group can gain more benefits from (A) Who would do what other people expect him to do, or (B) Who has different opinions from the rest of the group
也就是在論述團隊會比較從受惠於A or B??? 所以,我大概想就開始思考,我自身經驗裡的團隊,可能是在大學裡,也可能是在工作上?
在此,我選擇(A) ↓↓↓
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    1.Doing individual tasks based on group members’ expectations would reach a consensus easier, which leads to better outcome.
    2.Working in a happier group bring a better performance. That means working without having arguments with group members could be more productive. 

In order to attract more tourists, the government could either improve safety by hiring more police
or improve its appearance by repairing old buildings and streets.Which way do you think is more effective?
    1. in order to attract tourists,
    2. the government should
    3. (A) Improve safety or (B) improve appearance
所以,政府究竟做哪件事會比較容易吸引觀光客呢??? 我先圈關鍵字,假設我要的improve safety => hiring police =>
那我就思考(A)有甚麼是(B) 沒有的,或者(A) 甚麼比(B)來的好。好比說hiring police 比起improve appearance 便宜。
然後接下來的寫作內容發展我就可以來聊錢,聊多便宜。或者improve safety => hiring police會帶來安全感。
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    1. First, Hiring police is more cost - effective than renovating old buildings and repairing streets.
    2. hiring more police could bring the sense of security.
       In fact, having strong police force could make local merchants feel safe to expand their business, which also boosts the tourist economy.

Some believe that teachers (for students from age 14-18) should focus on lecturing and asking students to take notes during lectures.
Others believe that teachers should get students involved in discussion and encourage them to exchange ideas in class.
Which way of teaching do you think is more effective for students' learning?
    1.which is more effective for students’ learning?
    2. (A) students learning in class while taking notes or
        (B) involve students in discussion class
所以,究竟lecturing or discussion 哪個對學生的學習更有效呢? 假設我選discussion,那discussion 有甚麼是lecture所沒有的,或者比較好的?
我想到的就是discussion class 可以跟同學們講話,溝通,交流,有問題比較敢問,感覺比較輕鬆自在,不像跟老師講話會緊張。

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    1.First of all, students could understand the class materials better and easier by requiring them to discuss with each other.
    2.Additionally, students feel more comfortable to exchange ideas in the discussion sessions rather than asking questions in front of the whole class.

All school teachers should be required to take courses every five years to update their knowledge. Agree or disagree? 
    1.     All school teachers
    2.     Should attend classes every five years
    3.     To update knowledge
這題的重點在於update knowledge. 那我們思考一下,
    1. 是不是ALL teachers should be “REQUIRED”???? to update knowledge.
    2. 是否MUST attend classes??? 才能update knowledge.那不上課就不能update嗎?
這樣思考下來,假設我認為我持正面態度,I agree.那麼,我的理由是甚麼? 為何要每隔五年就要去上課呢?
我想大概不外乎就是想學一些新的知識或者新的技能。 那是甚麼知識?   甚麼技能呢?   或者為何需要學習新的知識?  新的技能呢? 
New teaching-related skills => ex: learn the updated computer-aids skills => teach class more effectively.
New professional knowledge => stay more competitive in their profession => to deliver the most updated knowledge to their students

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    1.First of all, all teachers could have the opportunities to sharpen their teaching skills every five years.
       In fact, with the advancement of computer and the Internet services, many teachers use power point slides, 
      Google search engine, and YouTube videos to explain learning materials to their students.
      So, it is a great need for them to update their computer skills every few years. 
    2.Moreover, In order to deliver the latest and firsthand knowledge to students, 
       teachers should required to enhance their professional knowledge once in a while so that they could stay competitive.